Previous Clients Include:
King Kartel Brow Sugar Single
Ten Foo Wizard - Sleeping Volcanoes
Our Fold Sick Of Normal Life Viny Album Music
Our Fold - Don't You Want A Lover Single
Ten Foot Wizard Special Vinyl
Martin Jacoby - Stratos EP
Martin Jacoby & Jenni Watson - Peaceful Instrumentals
Ritual King -Elixir
Megan Dixon Hood - Siren
Martin Jacoby - Plexus
The Rubber Duck Orchestra - The Eternal Chase Begins!
Martin Jacoby & Jenni Watson - White Christmas
Megan Dixon Hood - Early Morning Riser
Pegasu Bridge - The Farwell
Ten Foo Wizard - Return To The Infinite

Artists Alex has worked with include:


Ten Foot Wizard / Ritual King / Our Fold / Hildamay / Pegasus Bridge / Darby Ward /  Jonathan Ansell / JJ Rosa / Blue Nation / The Feud / King Kartel / Plastic House / Tom Whitehead /  Dianne Shaw / Bob Dean among others...