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Recording / Mixing / Production

Recording JJ Rosa



Alex does all of his recording work at Castle Rock Studios in Alderley Edge. This multi-million pound complex houses two studios (The SSL Studio, and The Audient Studio) both with access to five fantastic sounding live rooms. 

Every room benefits from complete acoustic isolation, and all rooms are wired together meaning any combination can be used at any given time. 
This flexibility means that artists can track together, in the same room, while their amplifiers can be placed in isolation. This means we can crank amps with no spill, while maintaining the groove of having musicians all in the same room.

For a more detailed look at the studios, see the "Studio" page.


£250 Per Day

(Includes Studio)

Audient ASP8024 Mixer



Alex does the vast majority of his mixing in The SSL Studio at Castle Rock, combining the sound of an analogue console with the flexibility of a digital console. Price includes attended sessions, unattended sessions can be discounted.



£250 Per Track

(Includes Studio) 



Incredibly Tight Budget (ITB) Mixing


Popular with 'Indie' artists, this option provides an affordable way to get your tracks mixed so that they sound great, and because it's In The Box, allows for Instant Recall for any revisions that you require.


£120 Per Track

(Includes Studio - Unattended Session)

SSL Mixing Desk



For longer sessions, Alex is available to hire as a producer for your record. Production is a matter of personal taste, so Alex prefers to sit down and discuss the project at length to ensure that the band is ready, and that he is the best person for the job. 


Usual recommended time-frame is 3 days per track.


Previous records include the Ten Foot Wizard releases "Return To The Infinite" and "Sleeping Volcanoes", Megan Dixon Hood's two EP's "Early Morning Riser" and "Siren", and The Kubbs' debut single "Here Again".


As every project is different, a different approach is required, so get in touch to discuss taking your next record further!






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