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Castle Rock Studios - Alderley Edge, UK

The SSL Studio

The SSL Studio at Castle Rock Studios

Centred around an SSL AWS924 Console and Pro Tools HDX rig this studio is perfect for larger tracking sessions, such as a full band recording.


Perfect acoustics in the Control Room combined with comprehensive monitoring mean that mixes translate perfectly on any playback system.


Recording and mixing in this studio really is a fantastic experience.


Monitoring: Adam S3X-H (L/C/R) Adam A7x (Ls/Rs) Adam Sub12, Yamaha NS-10

The Audient Studio

The Live Rooms

The Audient Studio at Castle Rock Studios

With a beautifully clean Audient ASP8024 console, paired with a Pro Tools HD3 rig, this is a fantastic studio for overdubbing, writing or smaller acoustic sessions.


Monitoring: Focal Twin 6, Yamaha NS-10

The Live Rooms

Drum recording, Sontronics
Marshall, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Orange guitar amps
Vintage Neumann U87

Each live room is a unique sounding space, designed with flexibility in mind. Whether it's the tight, bright sound of 'Stormy Point' or the big, fat sound of 'Druids Circle' each room delivers fantastic tone, which can be tuned with the use of custom built, wall mounted diffuser/absorbers, ensuring the room tone is just right for the specific sound required.


Get it right at the source, don't try to 'fix it in the mix'.

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